Leon Olsen, Director, Conference Matters Ltd

Leon Olsen has been operating as a Professional Conference Organiser since September 2002.

He is has been involved in delivering high quality, service focused conferences for organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

A tertiary background in Marketing and International Management, with practical experience in tourism and tourism brand marketing has provided a valuable base to provide high quality conference services.

Attention to detail, a practical approach and a keen interest in delivering professional service ensures all conference matters are covered.

Married with 3 children, Leon's interests include foreign languages (speaks conversational Japanese and a spattering of Spanish), travel (though with the arrival of kids this is now enjoyed through memories and photographs including Fiji, Vanuatu, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Holland, South Africa, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Argentina and Florida) and many sports albeit participating mainly from an armchair these days! 

A previous Bay of Plenty resident, family reasons brought him to Whangarei and he is now convinced that 'the further north you go, the nicer it gets!'




Conference Matters has been involved in conference management since 2002. We have a reputation for well organised, professional services with attention to detail and a practical approach. 




  • Speaker procurement & confirmation of sessions

- timing and topics

- bios, abstracts and images

- travel requirements (pre and post touring if required)


  • Hotel/location selection

- rates negotiation

- confirm meeting location

- block bookings for delegate accommodation at negotiated rate

- organise catering requirements, including cocktail and dinner functions


  • AV requirements

- identify AV requirements with speakers and sourcing suppliers


  • Sponsor procurement

- advising sponsorship options to potential sponsors

- organising stand positions with display company

- sourcing stand equipment supplier


  • Advertising/media liaison

- develop direct mail to potential delegates

- place advertising (if required)

- advise media of meeting and encourage editorial if required


  • Brochure / flyer / proceedings development

- registration form

- online registration form

- application to RNZCGP for CME accreditation of programme if required

- conference proceedings produced, including bios/abstracts, sponsor ads and other details as required


  • Financial management

- Provide upfront budget of anticipated costs

- Sponsors invoiced and receipted

- Delegates registrations processed, receipted and confirmed

- Monthly reporting of revenue and expenses


  • Conference Management

- Update delegates prior to conference on programme if required

- Registration of delegates/speakers/sponsors at location, including registration envelopes, name tags and tickets for events as required

- Registration desk open throughout conference to deal with delegate inquiries

- Coordination of speakers notes/presentations for delegates, either printed or CDROM

- Selecting appropriate conference satchels/collateral/gifts for delegates if required

- Post conference questionnaire analysis if required

- Follow-up to delegates and sponsors after conference and advise of next year's meeting timing



Enquiries & Registrations:


If you would like further details about what we do, or would like us to help you coordinate your next meeting contact:


Conference Matters

Business Manager Leon Olsen,

Email: leon@conferencematters.co.nz

Phone: +64 (0)21 164 3815
Fax: +64 (0) 437 4089 

PO Box 1661 Whangarei, New Zealand 0140

021 164 3815

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